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This page contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase I may receive a small commission at absolutely no extra cost to you. I only recommend products and services that have personally used and trust and that I truly believe will benefit my readers.*

Become a Pinterest VA Today!

Become a Pinterest VA Today is such a wonderful course. It covers so much. It includes absolutely everything you need to know to master Pinterest, but it’s also about building and running a successful and thriving business. Kristen Larsen of Believeinabudget.com and Gina Horkey of HorkeyHandbook.com really put so much into this. It’s an absolute must have if you want be a Pinterest Virtual Assistant! They also recently opened The PVA Shop. All of their incredible resources in one place, including a free Pinterest Prep Workbook!

The PVA Shop

Speaking of the PVA Shop... Your one-stop shop for everything you need to get started as a Pinterest VA! Workbooks, contracts, templates and two awesome courses to get you going on your journey as a PVA… Pinterest Presence and Become a Pinterest VA Today!

Horkey HandBook

Horkey Handbook is an incredible site! The team is so intelligent and they offer so much! These are just two of the amazing courses and resources they offer! They will get you on the fast track to home business success!


Desire to Done

I love these guides, especially the client contracts! I love that it includes four different versions and an e-book to help you along in the process. It also doesn’t kill your wallet. I’m very thankful that I came across Billie Gardner’s website, Desiretodone.com!

(Note: If you decide to purchase only certain items, just remove the items you don’t want at the moment by clicking on the cart on the right hand side and it will drop your total down. 🙂 )

Believe in a Budget

I really love everything about Kristin Larsen. She’s got so much to share and teach! Her incredible pin designs and knowledge of budgeting are just a couple, to say the least. You’ve got to check her website out!

9 Pinterest Pin Templates

If you’re not design-savvy of just don’t have the time to create beautiful Pinterest pins from scratch then these pin templates from Kristen Larsen are a life-saver! They make it so incredibly fast and easy to design gorgeous, click-worthy pins in seconds!

Pixel Surplus

I am so happy to have found Pixel Surplus! They have beautiful fonts and graphics at low prices, but the best part… they deliver awesome freebies to your inbox every week! Love them!



Bluchic is just fabulous! Their WordPress themes are gorgeous and they have tons of other awesome resources! Really beautiful!

How to make money as an Amazon Affiliate

If you’re struggling with affiliate marketing you need this ebook!! I can’t rave enough about it!

Laura’s knowledge of Amazon affiliate marketing (and affiliate marketing in general) is incredible! Not only that, its written in such a way that it so engaging and easy to understand, not to mention beautiful! I honestly can’t believe how affordable it is! I flew through it in no time and am already seeing results! I only wish I’d bought it sooner. If you want to really succeed at affiliate marketing, you must get this book! 😀


If you’re looking to grow your email list, (aren’t we all?) building a quiz with Interact is definitely the way to go! It’s such a creative way to get to know your audience better and showcase more of your personality at the same time. But beware, it’s super addictive, haha! It’s so simple to use and 100% customizable. I seriously cannot rave enough about this company!

Web Hosting


SiteGround is just awesome! They’re very budget-friendly and very easy to use. I also can’t rave enough about their support team. I’ve had a couple of issues in the past that weren’t even directly related to them and they helped so quickly and were extremely nice. If you’re in need of web hosting, SiteGround is 100% the way to go!

I hope that these resources have as wonderful an impact on you as they have me. They really have made my journey into the online- business world much simpler and more enjoyable! I think you’ll love them as well!

I’ll be adding more soon, so I hope you pop back for another visit! 😀