I was watching my little girl play with her blocks earlier, and while she wasn’t building the Empire State Building or anything, I found myself so amazed by her. By how much she’s grown and learned, especially over the last 6 months. It seems just yesterday she couldn’t even fit two blocks together and now she’s building towers and flying “airplanes”.

It’s amazing to me just how fast she catches on to things and how much she takes in. Of course we know our kids are sponges, that they absorb everything, but it’s just incredible to see the new things they come up with every day, even without his teaching them, all the little mannerisms they pick up from us.

Just about every day she’s surprising me with new sentences, her vocabulary is really expanding, it’s so cool how well she’s communicating now! Well it’s cool when she’s not saying, “no I don’t want to Mama”! Haha! She’s asserting her independence and of course wants to do everything herself, which is wonderful, and usually messy and exhausting.

And then there are the moments when she’s ramming her baby doll stroller into my feet shrieking “mama toes”!, trying to climb me like a tree while I’m washing the dishes, turning my kitchen into a waterpark, and melting down every five minutes the last hour before bed because she’s exhausted and fighting me on everything, that I want to run for my life!

But then she melts my heart again when she runs up and hugs me saying, “love you Mama”, says “mama you alright”? when I stub my toe or bang my elbow( which I do way too much), has me kiss and tuck in her stuffies at night, and says please and thank you for just about everything. Her manners are awesome for a 2 year old!

As hard as it may be sometimes, and I mean really hard, to not let the terrible two’s get to me, I try as much as possible to keep my cool and not rush time because before I know it she’s not going to need me as much or want to be by my side every minute. Someday she will be a teenager sitting upstairs in her room wanting her privacy and “mama” will be embarrassing and she won’t want me around, so I hang on to these moments as much as I can because before I know it they’ll be gone.

I’m sure you’ve got tons of great stories about your little ones, I’d love to hear them! Please share in the comments! 😄

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