Let me start off by saying that I am not a fan of winter. I’m not a skier or snowboarder (though someday I swear I’m going to learn!) There’s almost nothing I enjoy about winter, and like most other people I dread the ridiculously low temperatures, the slush, the dreadfully early hour it turns pitch black and feels like midnight when I’m cooking dinner… and this year, with a toddler in tow, I’m sure many new challenges will arise, ugh. The only thing I love about winter, besides it’s end, is the first snow.

There really is something magical about it. The quiet, peaceful calm. The huge fluffy snowflakes, the beautiful blanket of fresh white snow, completely untouched, before it’s been driven on and walked in and turned into a dirty mess.

It’s December 9th and we’ve just had our first snow and man did it come fast! I walked into the store just as it was starting and walked out less than an hour later and it was a winter wonderland! We went from zero to blizzard in no time flat! No little dusting here! It was one of those big, beautiful all day storms (that I usually prefer to watch from my window) resulting in several inches of fluffiness and thickly covering the trees (one of my favorite sights!), looking like something out of a photograph.

It really was pretty perfect. My little girl’s reaction was priceless. She kept saying wow!, and trying to catch snowflakes… It was awesome. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t remember last winter, she was only a year old, so its a wholenew experience again. The only disappointment was that I couldn’t take her out to really play in it because she s sick, but I’m determined to make up for it soon! I’m positive that I’ll regret saying this but right now I’m excited for winter! Bring on the snow!

What about you? Do you love winter or hate it? Let me know! 😄

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