Ever have those days where you’re just fighting to get through? Drowning in your never-ending to-do list? Pretty much every day, right? Me too.

Sometimes I stop myself in my tracks thinking, “Man, have I spent any real time with my child today?”

It’s so easy to get caught up in the cooking… the cleaning… chasing the toddler to get clothes on… chasing the toddler to get clothes off… chasing the toddler to do anything you need them to do.

Some days I really do need to slow myself down and take a few minutes here and there to spend some time with my kid instead of just focusing on everything that needs to be done. To make sure we’re both feelin’ the love.

I’m sure many mama’s feel this way so I wanted to share a few things that we can squeeze into our busy days to make sure our children (and us mama’s!) are feeling loved and having fun!

These things may sound super simple and even a little silly but it’s the little things that can go a long way.

Grab A Bear Hug

In the middle of the hustle and bustle of your day when you feel like it may have been a while since you’ve snuggled your kiddo, scoop ’em up and give em a big ‘ol hug! It’ll be a fun and goofy little break you can take between lunch and laundry.

Have A Mini Dance Party

Dancing is probably my daughter’s favorite thing to do, lots of close 2nds, but I’d say it’s number one. Taking 10 minutes or so to jam to a few favorite songs is a great way have some fun and spend some real, quality time with your little ones. Not to mention, the endorphins released by the exercise are a great stress reliever! We could all use that!

Head Outside

Another great way to exercise, and the fresh air and sunshine will perk up anyone’s day! Pick some flowers, ride your bikes around the block, take walk. Even just a short time of getting out is refreshing and mood-boosting. We try to take as many quick little trips outside as possible. Even if it’s just getting the mail or taking out the trash. It always makes us feel better.

Blow Bubbles

Probably #2 on the faves list. Every kid loves bubbles! It’s so much fun to watch them run and chase after them. My toddler pops them with her face, ha! We really love the tubes with the long wand. I don’t think we’ll use any other bubbles again. They make a ton of bubbles at once or you can make huge ones too. They’re pretty awesome!

Blow Up Balloons

Balloons are something us parents almost always have on hand. Blow a few up and have a little balloon party boppin’ em around. We like to put a few craft pom poms inside and shake em up. 😁

Make Up A Game

Put their little imaginations to use and make up a game. Be dinosaurs prowling around the house or monkeys or kangaroos… whatever pops into your heads. Sometimes we just play “catch mommy”!

Color Together

Simple coloring can be a blast! Break out the crayons, markers (mess free) and stickers and color together. So simple but sometimes we have the most fun doing this. A really fun thing to do is break down a cardboard box if you have one laying around and make a mural. It can also be used as a stage for your dance party later! 😉

Play In The Rain

If it happens to be a rainy day but still pretty warm out, take advantage! Go run around in the rain, jump in puddles and embrace your inner kid! Once in a while it’s really awesome to not worry about getting wet or messy and just go a little nuts. My little girl and I actually just did this today and it was so much fun. We had a crazy summer storm, it was absolutely downpouring! We got soaked, but man she had the best time!

Let Them “Help” Around The House

Ask your kids for help with little tasks around the house and you’ll make their day! Have them sweep, dust or fold laundry. They’ll be thrilled to be included and it’s a great way to prepare them for chores.

Read Together

Slow it down a little and snuggle up on the couch or in bed or even build a fort, grab some books and have story time. Of course, reading is one of the best things you can do for your kids and it’s a great way to relax, wind down and snuggle them up. ❤

I know these are really simple and basic but sometimes it’s the litle things that make all the difference. Things that you can just quickly insert into your day get some quality time with your little ones. It also gives you a little break from cleaning, cooking, work and whatever else your day entails.

What do you and your little ones love doing together? Which ways have you found to connect more? I’d love to know!

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