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I’ll admit it, I wasn’t serious about building my email list.

I really wanted to be, I was just intimidated by it I think. Overwhelmed by how much went into creating, building and maintaining it and the fear that it wouldn’t work anyway. That people just wouldn’t be interested. I was letting my fear get in my own way.

Then I found Interact quizzes.

Or rather, they found me. Thank goodness! It was just the push I needed!

I signed up with Interact a few weeks ago, and I’m seriously addicted to it! I’ve built several quizzes already and I’m having a lot of fun experimenting and trying everything out.

It’s really pretty simple, everything is very easy to understand but I’m so excited about this, I thought I’d created a step-by-step tutorial for you and show you everything involved in the process.

This is such a fun and unique way to get to know your audience and share a little bit of yourself and your own personality while building your email list and attracting potential readers or clients to your site.

So let’s jump in, shall we?

Step 1~ how would you like to begin?

First things first, deciding if you want to use a template or create a totally customized quiz from scratch. They have 1,000+ really awesome templates to chose from but if you want to make it completely your own, doing it from scratch is pretty cool. We’ll go ahead and choose a template for this tutorial.

Step 2~ which categories would you like to view?

Then it will ask which categories of templates you would like to view. You can select as many as apply to you. I’ll just select “Blogging” then click on “Select Template. 

Step 3~ which Template Would You Like To Start With?

It will then ask which template you would like to start with. In the “blogging” category there are several great templates to choose from. I’ll go ahead and choose the template, “Where are you in your blogging journey?” So we’ll click on “Use This Quiz”, and then, “Use This Template.”

Step 5~ Create your quiz

Now, this is where the fun begins! Personalizing your quiz!

In the sidebar on the lefthand side under the “Styles Tab”, you’ll see options for your “Background Color”, “Fonts” and “Logo Image.” You can customize your quiz to match your brand.

In your sidebar under the “Content Tab”, you can customize your “Quiz Title”, “Cover Image”, “Quiz Description” and “Start Button Text.”

Under that are the “Questions and Results” where you can remove questions if they don’t apply and/or add your own unique questions. You can also edit your “Results Titles”“Descriptions” and “Images” as well as your “Call to Action Button” –where you want to direct your quiz taker after they’ve read their results. A services page, blog post, freebie, etc…

In the Best Practices section on the Interact blog, which I highly, highly recommended reading because its chock full of super helpful tips and info, they recommend using image results because people process images much faster than text. I used the images and it was a lot of fun to create and the end result looked really nice and much more personalized with images instead of just plain text.

They’re affiliated with the stock photo site Pixabay which makes it incredibly quick and easy to find beautiful photos to customize your quiz, or of course, you can upload your own if you’d like.

Here is how my questions looked with images. I think it gives it a lot more personality. 😃

Step 6~ Tracking conversions and social sharing

You can also manage your “Tracking Conversions” and set up your Social Sharing preferences.

Go to “Conversion Tracking” and “Social Share Settings.” Simply select the settings that you prefer and click on “Save Settings.”

Under your question image, you’ll see the option, “Edit Result Correlations.” This is where you set up the logic for your quiz. To set up your correlations, click “Edit Correlations”, then click on an answer choice on the left to highlight it. Once an answer choice is highlighted, click on one or more of the results on the right to correlate the answer choice to results.

Helpful Features

Quick menu~

You can easily access all the steps that are neatly laid out in the “Quick Menu” that you can find by clicking on the little book in the top left hand corner.


In “Reporting” you can select specific quizzes and a data range to view aggregated data over time. Great feature!


You can find all of your “Analytics” next to each individual quiz you build.

Step 7~ Integration

This is where you connect your email marketing program to collect emails and other information from quiz takers.

First, you set up your “Opt-in Form.” You choose the info you’d like to collect, edit additional settings and edit your form content, then click “Save & Continue.”

Then, on to connecting your email list! Select your email marketing program from the selection. I’m pretty sure they’ve got every one that exists!

I use MailerLite, so we’ll go ahead and select that and then, “Save & Continue.”

Then this screen will appear. This is where you connect your “Triggers” to your “Actions” for your quiz results.

In other words, when someone gets a certain result, you choose what you want to have happen.

First, you click “+Add Action”, then click on your subscriber group. The group that your new contact will be added to when they subscribe to your list.

Under that is, “Update Custom Field” where you can update a custom field with a specific value.

Then click “Save.”

Under “+Add Action you’ll see the button, “Apply to All Results.” If you want the action to apply to all the results, this will do it all in one shot instead of you having to do each one individually. Pretty nifty!

Then click “Save & Continue.”

Then it’s the same exact thing for your quiz result answers.

Rinse and repeat! 😃

Next up, Form Field Mapping”. Configuring how data from your opt-in form gets sent to your email marketing program.

Usually, you just want to make sure the field names on the left match the field names on the right.

Then you’ll see a screen like this saying that your email marketing provider is connected. Woohoo!

Then click on “Test Integration” to test your integration set up.

Click on, “Send Test Lead To My List” and this screen should pop up letting you know the test was completed successfully.

You can click “Preview” to see how everything turned out.

Step 8~ Publish

Click “Publish” and when this screen pops up, click “Publish Changes.”

Step 9~ Share and embed

Final step. Yayyyyy!

This is where you decide how you would like to promote your quiz. There are many different options.

You can have a pop-up, announcement bar, Facebook Ad, embed it into your website or landing page, get a direct link to your quiz, or share it on social media. Or several, whatever tickles your fancy!

And that my friends, is how to create a quiz with Interact. Pretty fun and easy if you ask me! 😃

They also have “Polls” and “Giveaways” that I’m very excited to get started on next!

So I’ll be back with another tutorial on these soon! 😁

Interact is such a creative way to engage with your readers or clients and learn more about them while gaining new subscribers and growing the heck out of your email list!

Try it out for yourself here, and please let me know how it went and how it’s helped you grow your blog or biz!

Good luck and have fun!

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