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Today I wanted to give you a little glimpse into an incredible course that you absolutely must take if you’re looking to become a Pinterest virtual assistant! Become a Pinterest VA Today!

It’s the course I took to learn the in’s and out’s of Pinterest and put it to use helping bloggers and entrepreneurs drive more traffic to their websites. It gave me all the tools and confidence I needed to create my business from the ground up.

The course was put together by Gina Horkey of Horkey Handbook and Kristen Larsen of Believe in a Budget. They are extremely successful and knowledgeable business owners (and awesome ladies in general) who started as virtual assistants themselves. Now they have created incredibly valuable tools and resources to help those of us who dream of having our own business and being able to have the freedom to spend time with our families and live life the way we want to.

There are so many valuable aspects of this course, but for now, I’ll keep it at five.

1. The fundamentals of using Pinterest for business

You’ll learn all the platform basics…

How to set up your clients Pinterest business account

Enabling rich pins

Linking Pinterest analytics to your clients’ website

Setting up your client’s

How to set up, create and organize boards

How to find influencers to follow and join group boards

2. Introduction to Tailwind

Tailwind is probably one of the most valuable tools you can have. I know I’m hooked, and I can’t live without it! Being able to spend a few hours and schedule your pins to go out on auto-pilot and not have to think about pinning for a week (or month) is one of the most amazing things by far! I still like to pin manually here and there (I’m very addicted to Pinterest lol!) but being able to schedule the bulk of your pins all in one shot ahead of time, is a huge time saver!

3. Introduction to Canva

Canva is amazing! Even if you’re the farthest thing from a graphic designer and have no clue what you’re doing (like me at first!) Canva is very simple to use and Kristin walks you though the basics to create beautiful, Pinterest-worthy pins! Graphic design was the last thing I thought I’d be into (I haven’t always been very artistic) but this tool makes it so easy that it becomes very addictive!

4. Where to find and how to land clients

Who makes for a good client

Where to find them

What to ask in the interview process

All about invoices and contracts

5. Establishing and expanding your practice

Once you’ve got all the Pinterest basics covered and have landed a few clients, you’ll learn how to find higher paying clients, increase your client income and get referred to other potential clients.

There’s also a ton of Q&A’s! You’re bound to have at least a few questions that you’ll find in-depth answers to there.

Another fantastic element is the downloads! Spreadsheets, guides, pricing options and so much more! They really do break down everything there is to know about how Pinterest works and how to utilize it for business.

This course is loaded with skills and information that will fully enable you to kick butt as a PVA! I mean, these ladies put a lot of work into this!

On top of that, they’ve also opened the PVA Shop, so now all of the highly valuable tools and resources they offer are in one neatly, organized place. A free PVA workbook to get you started, pin templates, workbooks and of course… Become a  Pinterest VA Today! where you can sign up or hop on the waitlist. That’s only to name a few, there’s so much more, including other great marketing and VA courses!

I wanted to give you an idea of what the course entails but honestly, this doesn’t even begin to cover it. There’s just so much to learn! It’s everything you need to become a Pinterest master, but it’s more than that… it’s about learning how to create and maintain a successful business.

If you want to become a Pinterest virtual assistant and build your own home based business, you truly cannot go wrong taking this course! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and I know it will put you on the path to achieving your dreams!

If you do decide to join Become a Pinterest VA Today, please share your thoughts on the course and your plans for your future business. I’d love to hear them! 💕

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