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The 4th of July is less than a month away and I personally don’t think it can come fast enough! It’s my favorite holiday aside from Christmas.

I absolutely love DIY decorations for the 4th! There’s a million and one all over Pinterest (I’m constantly looking) and I was actually becoming a little overwhelmed because I want to try them all!

So I chose five of my favorites that I’ve found in my searches, that are absolute must-do’s for me and wanted to share them with you. They’re rustic, country-style decorations that will look beautiful in any home.

Clothes pin wreath

I absolutely love this! It’s gorgeous and it seems really easy to make. It’s also pretty inexpensive, which is a must! All you need are clothespins, red, white, and blue spray paint, a wire wreath frame and some little wooden stars if you chose. I also think you could use a pretty red white or blue sparkly bow instead if you want. I found this on https://www.craftdirect.com/blog/clothes-pin-wreath-july-4th/Craftdirect.com by Richelle Naegle. I’m going to be starting this really soon, probably next week. I’m very excited!

Patriotic Rag Wreath

Another beautiful wreath I can’t wait to make! It’s really versatile too like the clothespin one. You can just use different colors for different seasons. It comes from notjustbrides.blogspot.com and Heather uses a wire hanger and leftover fabric (thrifty and awesome!) but if you don’t happen to have those things laying around you can buy these fabric swatches that I think would work really well and a wire wreath frame and it’s very inexpensive. This is really beautiful!

Kids handprint flag

Love, love, love it! Awesome to do with the kiddos! I found this at thesoccermomblog.com. I’m very excited to do this with my daughter! All you need to get are wooden paint sticks (that you could probably get for free or little cost at Ace Hardware or Home Depot), red, white and blue acrylic paint and jumbo wooden craft sticks. Very simple. You’ll have a blast with your kids and they’ll be thrilled to help make an awesome decoration that you can enjoy for years and years to come.

Fourth of July table runner

This is absolutely fantastic and seems incredibly easy! All you need is a table runner or some burlap, red, white and blue spray paint and DIY foam stamps that Gina shows you how to make in her awesome tutorial. So simple, but I think it’s gorgeous! It’s got that simple, country charm. You can find it at theshabbycreekcottage.com.

Patriotic Mason jars

I love Mason jars for about a billion reasons and this simple and beautiful decor just made the list! I came across it at myfrugaladventures.com. So quick and simple. Just secure some burlap around a mason jar, tie a patriotic ribbon around it and pop in a pretty hydrangea. Or they can be used to hold just about anything. Sometimes the simplest things can be your favorite. I absolutely love this!

I hope these have given you some inspiration to get ready for decorating for the 4th. I know I’m more than ready! If you give any of them a try, please let me know how it went. Happy crafting! 😃

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