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I’ve been on the hunt lately for any advice and tips I can find for blogging and the Virtual Assistant biz, scouring the internet to learn as much as I can so my small home business can thrive and grow. I’ve put together a list of 10 resources that have been life-savers and have really helped me along the way.

These posts are so relatable and really hit home with me. As I’m reading I’m shaking my head saying, yep that’s me, that’s where I’m at right now, and it really helps to hear from other home business owners, especially stay-at-home moms, who have had some of the same experiences and struggles as I have and have come out to be very successful. Here are some of my favorite resources…

7 Days or Less to Branded Website Success ~ HorkeyHandbook

I’m pretty computer savvy but creating a website for the first time can be overwhelming. I would have gone crazy trying to set up my website by myself without this tutorial. It was so incredibly helpful, step by step simple explanation of every single thing you need to do to set up a successful website. A real life-saver!

How to Make Money as an Amazon Affiliate

This ebook is incredible! In my opinion, affiliate marketing is a must for every blogger and online business owner and Amazon is pretty high on the list of affiliate programs you should belong to. Obviously, Amazon is incredibly popular and has the ultimate variety of products so there’s something for everyone. Bloggers and readers of any niche can benefit. This ebook written by Laura Lancu is exceptional! She’s mastered the art of affiliate marketing with Amazon and she shares all of her knowledge in this beautifully written book. It’s a must-read!

Become a Pinterest Manager ~ TheVirtualSavvy.com

This article, written by Abbey Ashley, has a ton of useful information on how to become a Pinterest manager but my main reason for reading it was for the section on pitching and landing clients. Insanely helpful! My favorite part was when she explained how to research your potential client and come up with 5 to 10 suggestions you could offer them on how to improve their Pinterest presence. I now feel much more confidant and prepared to reach out to potential clients.

Typical Day in the Life of a Part-Time Blogger ~ BelieveinaBudget.com

Kristen Larsen lets you in on one of her most hectic days and breaks down her routine for juggling a full-time job and running her blog as well as trying to fit in some much-needed time for herself. This girl is busy! She gives a detailed list of everything that goes in to running a successful blog such as writing and editing posts, creating and scheduling pins, social media interactions, etc… It’s crazy impressive (and super motivating) to see how much she gets accomplished! Seeing everyday tasks laid out in a structured way gives you an organized feel for how to maintain a successful blog.

How to Grow Your Pinterest Traffic 10 Times in 3 Months ~ AnastasiaBlogger.com

This was a great read! It’s chock full of excellent advice and I’m really excited to put this stuff to use. She addressed things like the importance of rich pins, infographics, the 80/20 rule and more. I feel like I took a lot away from this article!

Canva Video Tutorial ~ TheSweetestWay.com

I really love this video tutorial on how to quickly create multiple pins with Canva. Leah Davis shows you all the basics on how to create beautiful pins that grab the readers attention. By the end of the video, I was very eager to hop on Canva and get creative!

Freelance Spotlight, Ashley Gainer ~ HorkeyHandbook.com

This interview was really engaging and gives realistic insight on how to become successful working at home as a single mom (right up my alley). Ashley talks about the struggles she’s overcome such as self-sabotage and comparison-itis, something I’ve struggled with myself. She also gives advice on how to stay motivated and productive while working from home. There’s so much fantastic, relatable advice in this interview, so many tips you can implement to grow your business and be your happiest self while doing it. This gave me so much inspiration! Seriously, a must-read!

How to Become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant and Explode your Business ~ CarefulCents.com

Wonderful article to read if you are thinking about becoming a Pinterest Virtual Assistant. Gives you a guideline of many services you can offer and also promotes a course that I have taken and love, Become a Pinterest VA Today! It’s a must-take course if you are looking to become a Pinterest VA!

10 Strategies to find your Dream Virtual Assistant Job ~ HorkeyHandbook.com

Once you are an established virtual assistant and have your business running smoothly, use these 10 fantastic strategies to land not just any virtual assistant job but your dream VA gig! Written by Ashley Gainer.


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All of these were a tremendous help to me while beginning my Pinterest VA career. So much knowledge and inspiration! I hope they are helpful to you as well!

What has inspired you? What have been some of your go-to resources? I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment or shoot me an email! 🙂

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